SHDA Trophies

SHDA is a local dance association, and our competitions are “closed”, meaning dancers have to meet a criteria in order to participate.  Originally, only dancers from the local area could compete at SHDA competitions.  Over the years the area has expanded and within the past decade, SHDA board members voted to open our competitions to all registered dancers in the Northwest Region.  Our association follows rules and guidelines set forth by ScotDance USA as well as the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (RSOBHD), including those for awarding aggregate and perpetual trophies. 
Primary dancers may receive prizes for individual dances, but they can not receive aggregate awards or perpetual trophies.  All other pre-premier and premier categories can receive aggregate awards and perpetual trophies.  When a category (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Premier), only has one all-ages group for the competition, the dancer with the highest aggregate points is both the aggregate winner as well as the winner of the SHDA perpetual trophy for that category.  When a category has more than one class, the category is split by age group, for example Premier 15 and Under and Premier 16 and over.  Each class will have an aggregate winner, but there is only one perpetual trophy per category.  As long as all age groups within that category have six or more competitors, the perpetual trophy is awarded to the dancer with the highest overall aggregate points.  If any age group within the category has five or fewer dancers, and SHDA has announced it ahead of time, ScotDance USA rules allow for a dance-off between all aggregate winners in the category for the perpetual trophy, regardless of the number of competitors in each age group.  Unfortunately, if a dance off is not announced ahead of time, the aggregate winner of any age group with five or fewer competitors is ineligible to win the perpetual trophy. 
Aggregate points are earned for highland and national dances performed during the regular competition.  Special dances, like choreographies, trophy flings, and special or challenge dances, are not included in aggregate points calculations.  Dance off results, like our Fall Earl of Errol dance off, are also not included in aggregate point calculations.

Perpetual Trophies

SHDA has a long tradition of awarding perpetual trophies at our three seasonal competitions.  Some of the trophies we award today have been in use since the 1970s!  These perpetual trophies are almost always named for a person, family, or organization which has been instrumental in the success of SHDA and Scottish cultural arts in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  These perpetual trophies are each one of a kind and, through the names engraved on them, serve as a physical record of our dance association’s history. 

Learn more about each trophy, sponsors, and history: